5 Fun Ways to Fold A Dinner Napkin

As most of you are leaving the office (or getting an early start on Thanksgiving food prep!), I thought I'd pop in to give you some fun table-setting inspiration for Thursday (or any day!).

During my catering years, folding napkins became a skill I didn't know I would need so much. I had to not only learn how to fold a napkin, but be able to teach others as well. Today, I am going to show you my top 5 favorite napkin folds for you to use this holiday season! One of my favorite rental companies Tablescapes (www.tablescapes.com) allowed me to come by their showroom last week and play around with their new rentals while we styled some napkins. Everything you see in the photos can be rented through Tablescapes. If you have not been to their show room, I highly recommend it. It's nothing short of 'inspiration city' and their team is so helpful (shout out to Scott!).

1. The Triangle Fold

This fold looks so impressive for how easy it is to fold! I went the extra mile here and added a single ornament, but you could also put a place card in the napkin as well. Check out how to make this fold here: Triangle Fold Tutorial

2. The Fan Fold (with napkin ring)

This fold looks INCREDIBLE with the burlap jute linen! Super easy and this look is achievable with or without a napkin ring. You can also use wrapping ribbon to tie it together! Check out how to make this fold here: The Fan Fold

3. The Lover's Knot Fold

What I love most about this fold is that really shows off the plate setting. It also works well with silk or 'slinkier' napkin textures that show off the design. Learn how to 'tie the knot' here: Lover' Knot Fold

4. The Bow Tie Fold

There are several variations of this fold, but I decided to go with the clean version. I love the richness of the gold against the green linen. I'm all about incorporating color - even for event like NYE where there's already a ton of gold and silver. Check out how to fold here: The Bow Tie Fold

5. The Hanging Napkin Fold

Finally, a fold so sleek and impressive that takes almost no effort to achieve! This fold is great if you want your napkins to 'have a moment' at the table before they're immediately pulled. Super easy to achieve, just fold the napkin in a 3-fold (lengthwise) and place underneath your plate or charger. Enjoy!

Are there any fun napkin fold that you know of that weren't mentioned? Let us know! If you'd like to get more fun tips and tricks for event planning, subscribe to our website today and you'll be sent updates and tips weekly. All tips and knowledge are *Free* :).

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!