3 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Vibes for Your Restaurant

Strap in - because Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year and customers will expect fireworks, naturally. While I do believe people who go out to eat on ‘V day’ expect something special, there is that very fine line we walk as industry professionals. The line where we want to dress up our space for the holiday, but want to avoid the cheesiness that is Valentine's Day. I think most of us do a good job in this arena, flying under the radar by greeting female guests with a single carnation, or maybe even a champagne toast. However, I do think it’s achievable to decorate for this special day (well, in our case, weekend) without looking like a cheap party store threw up in your dining room.

Below are three Valentine’s looks for your restaurant, bar, private dining room or even your own home! All items can be purchased on Amazon (because Amazon is truly life) and can arrive to your door step just in time for the celebrations to begin!

Moody Valentine

  • Black Floral Arrangements can be stuffed into your current vases or peppered into current arrangements for a dark and mysterious vibe.

  • A Sheer Black Table Runner can elevate your current table without taking too much away from your usual look.

  • These Plum Floral Petals can be scattered over a bar or on a table for a soft, but beautiful touch.

Romantic Valentine

  • Deep reds, blushes and golds just look right together, am I right? Balloon decor is becoming more popular and you can achieve these dramatic arches and photo ops by ordering balloon kits online! Check out this balloon arch that will be front and center of all your guest’s Instagram photos.

  • These Rose Gold Acrylic Gems look warm and inviting on a table, but you can also drop them into those glasses of champagne for a subtle surprise.

  • Ditch the votives and go for some texture with these gold rose candles.

White Hot Valentine

  • The sky is the limit when decorating with these expensive-looking-but-not-expensive hanging glass doves. A few of these hanging in a dining room will fill the room with love, without overwhelming current decor.

  • These white rose waterproof tea lights can be dropped in water vases for a streamlined look that is soft and inviting.

  • Even the steamiest of guests will cool down for these Mini Heart Ice Trays. Perfect for your speciality cocktails or Manhattens!

What vibe do you like best? Do you dress up your restaurant for Valentine’s day? Let me know your ‘V day Hack’ to make Valentine’s Day special for your guests. If you like this article, be sure to subscribe to www.SheSaidCelebrate.com and receive my weekly newsletter with blog posts, tips and more straight to your inbox!