3 Excuses For Why You Aren't Doing Client Outreach

With holiday booking in full effect, there isn't a better time (or opportunity) to speak to your clients, learn more about their needs and begin the foundation for further event opportunities in 2020. Not only does client outreach build potential future business, but it helps us build offerings that our clients want. However, it seems as though this small but powerful act is often pushed to the back of our to-do lists.

Let's debunk the 3 excuses you may be giving yourself on why you aren't building client relationships.

1. My schedule is full, I just don't have time.

As event planners approach the busy season of the year, building client relationships is usually the last item on the list. Every month we push back client outreach, something else pops up that seems more urgent and outreach gets pushed back again. There is ALWAYS an excuse to why we 'can't do the thing we need to do'. As a sales professional, it is important to change your mindset and stay committed to outreach. Start small. Try committing one day a month to outreach. Build from there. As always, do not forget that this little bit of work has a big impact.

2. I'm already booking successfully and don't need to reach out.

First of all, congrats are in your order for having so much success with event sales! Second, how would you like to have even more business? Better yet, how would you like to avoid booking tons of small/lower budget/one-off events in exchange for a few larger/big budget events? Those big-budget events are planned months (even up to a year!) in advance and you will not catch this potential business by reaching out with a mid-year email blast.

3. My current and potential clients will be annoyed with me.

We are so easily willing to blast mindless email fliers and make cold calls, but finding out creative and meaningful ways to reach out to clients is what we think will lose business? It's ALL in the way you position the inquiry. Inform your clients that you are collecting additional information in order to better serve them in the future. Or, send them a thoughtful note or gift, with no strings attached, to let them know you appreciate them.

I understand how challenging it can be to begin client outreach, especially for those new at event sales or starting a new event sales position. No worries, because I got you!! I built a free info sheet on learning the importance of building client relationships and 3 easy steps to relationship building that you can start today!

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